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I am a big-time football and basketball fan - must be the Hoosier in me! I've been watching the reddit nfl streams, helpful site - , playoffs with great enthusiasm. What a fabulous playoff season it's been! Few games happen to be blowouts. Nearly all been tightly played, high-energy games - with a lot of shockers thrown in to determine the ultimate champion. I love great football!

This past Saturday I was watching the Ravens play the Steelers. What a rock 'n roll ride that was! And what a good lesson for all leaders. Why?

Shifts can hit us from out of the blue. Sometimes we never see the shift coming until it's upon us. Just like the Ravens on Saturday. The energy of the game had shifted to them within the fourth quarter and they appeared to be unstoppable. And after that - the momentum shifted.

That fabulous return run for a touchdown was called back due to a penalty.
That is okay - the Ravens moved the ball down the field anyway.
But then, the Steelers stopped them from scoring a touchdown from first and goal.
That was enough to shift the momentum of the game. The Steelers took charge and never looked back.

The same kind of shifts happen in our business and personal worlds.

We are going along, confident in our course and forward momentum - and after that the world shifts. Suddenly the way we've always created success does not work anymore - and were caught flat-footed, deer within the headlights staring at our results, wondering what happened.

We can be prepared for the shifts - ready to capitalize on them, to accelerate our momentum rather than falling to the wayside.

By continuously and consciously questioning our beliefs and our actions in response to those beliefs. I don't mean an upheaval of questioning like the Spanish Inquisition. I am talking about a simple mindset.

Try this on for size.

In place of assuming that your current trends will continue - start asking yourself, "What if?"

What if my market changed? What would that appear like? What will be the most likely shifts?
What if shifts have already happened? Are their significant shifts that I haven't noticed, or that I have ignored or pooh-poohed?
What if I had to respond to those shifts? How can I respond today, in advance of those shifts?
What if I created those shifts? Now there is some Zero Gravity thinking!