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Football is unlike some other sport. It appeals to viewers on a different combination of levels than every other sport. Let's examine this in more detail:

Strategy: successful football plays require cunning strategy. It is not sufficient to just grab the ball and run; you often have to outsmart and outwit your opponents. While you will discover basic plays, there are also many strategies which are kept secret in a team's playbook.

Physical prowess: in addition to the strategy aspect above mentioned, football also requires a high amount of physical ability. Players need speed to outrun and out maneuver their opponents. They need strength to be able to tackle the big players on the opposing team. They need endurance to be able to play over the entire game. And they need physical toughness to survive being hit and tackled throughout the game.

Violence: although many people may claim that football is "too violent," that is actually among the things that can make it appeal to viewers. While football itself is just not about violence, the players' attempts to tackle each other do have violent overtones which make the sport more exciting. Remember, it's just included in the game (it is important to tackle your opponent to bring them down), but the game isn't about trying to hurt your opponent.

Drama: certain football players have a flair for the dramatic. From fancy touchdown dances to throwing a fit whenever they get a penalty, as well as drama in their daily lives outside of the sport (not going to name anyone here but I'm sure you may think of a couple of professional football players who have had some drama affiliated with them).

Technique: as well as strategy above mentioned, football requires certain techniques. For instance, the ability of the quarterback to throw the ball exactly where he wants it to go; the receiver having the capability to catch the ball, even if it requires a spectacular leap over an opposing player; running with the ball and faking out the guy attempting to tackle you, causing him to miss and allowing you to run to the end zone.

As well as those, you have the fact that most football fans played the game while growing up, whether on teams or just in the field with their friends, and watching nfl streams reddit ( look what i found - ) games on television brings back those memories of having fun playing with their friends.

Eventually, there's the sophistication with which NFL football is broadcast. Instant replays, commentary, and on-screen graphics make the game even more fun to watch than it might be otherwise.